Chalet Fonte Nova in Alcobaça


Chalet Fonte Nova in Alcobaça

Included in Quinta da Fonte Nova, belonging to the Alcobaça Monastery, Chalet Fonte Nova was built in 1877.

Owned by the industrialist António Cândido da Encarnação, this chalet is yet another building of bourgeois taste that you can contemplate in the municipality of Alcobaça.

In 1886, the chalet received, between 13 March and 6 April, Infante D. Augusto, son of D. Maria II and D. Fernando II.

The reception to Infante D. Augusto, a member of the national Royal Family, and his stay there, gives the place a status that is not available to any building and is an example of the nobility of the building and its owners.

Used as a family residence for several generations, in 1993 the Chalet underwent conservation and restoration works and started to be explored as a place for tourist accommodation.

Located near the Monastery, an indispensable place to visit in the city, deserves a close look for its grandeur and exterior decoration.

This is an excellent example of romantic architecture in Alcobaça and can be seen together with other examples of that architectural style, such as Chalet Rino, Palacete Araújo Guimarães, Palacete do Pena, Palacete Bernardino Lopes de Oliveira and Palacete Cova da Ounce.

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